Jakab boardinghouse

In the panorama of the rented holiday chalet Jakab reflects the reservoir from Zetea, and attracts the visitors to go boating, fishing or swimming. The three friendly rooms are inviting to relax; they give place for eight people. There is a separated kitchen, dining room and bathroom. In sunny summer days, in the shadow of the summerhouse we can enjoy the beauty of the green nature, the twitter of birds and the appetizing smell of the roast joint.

In a rocking chair our guests can recreate by the rustling of the pine-grove, by the air rich in ozone, by the scent of the lake. Little donkey can be a playmate of elfin children, who can know and touch them, and listen of their funny dickey voice. In the spacious court takes wings the joyful romp and the outdoor play. We recommend it to families with children.

Tel.: +40-266-210906
Mobil: +40-744-872127, +40-744-641887
Email: jakabkulcsoshaz@panzio.ro
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